About Holland Marsh Food Market

Ontario “Eats” and Holland Marsh Food was created by Liz Gorzo. Born and raised in the Marsh on Canal Road, Liz understood what the Canal Road Farmers Market meant to cottagers, locals and the fresh market produce farmers of the Marsh.  Starting out in the remains of the thirty plus year old Canal Road Farmers Market; Liz took over the awning space and popped up multiple tents. The loyal market goers continued to leave the 400 highway at Canal Road to buy their beloved fresh farm produce.



Liz’s parents were first generation farmers on the marsh. John and Julianna Gorzo Sr. worked over 50 years as farmers of many fresh market vegetables. Mr. Gorzo would travel to the Ontario Food Terminal 6 days a week in season, to sell his produce to small retailers, farmers market owners, vendors, large produce retailers like Mr. Stavros’s Knob Hill Farms, Highland Farms, Sunkist Produce, and so many more customers that have come and gone over the decades.



Fresh and Quality were always priority for the Gorzo’s with Mr. Gorzo often telling his seasonal workers, “Every box I open should look like a display box.”  One of Mr. Gorzo’s dreams was to have a “little fruit stand” of his own. Holland Marsh Food Market is that dream, that vision coming true.



After years of learning the wine importing and corporate aviation industry, Liz returned to the family farm on Canal Road. With her Aunt and Mother she continued growing the quality produce her Father’s customers appreciated; European specialties, parsley root, celeriac-root celery, heirloom carrots. With a desire to explore in heirloom varieties, Liz began to grow Scarlet Turnips, Bulls’ Blood Beets, Camelot Shallots, red and gold Cipollini onions and over 20 different types of beefsteak and cherry/grape tomatoes, multiple shapes and sizes of peppers. The list “grows” bigger every year.



Liz looks forward to sharing many of these awesome tasting vegetables when in season, with the Produce Harvest Share participants and our Farmers Market customers.